Giving Birth

Growing something takes time, patience, and nurturing.  Whether it's a garden, a piece of art, music or a child, you must devote yourself to it if you are to truly give your heart to its' care.  It becomes more and more a part of you, and you of it,  as you share yourself and travel the long road of "becoming" together.  And then, in perfect timing, that "something" is ready--it knows when, it lets YOU know it's time.   And at that point, it makes its way into the world.

I am happy to announce that after almost 3 years, my 7th Album--"Clair Oaks 7" has been born!

AND we have a free song download for you (that is NOT on the album) HERE!

Order CDs now at in our shop.  Downloads at

Order CDs now at in our shop.  Downloads at

May this be a morning of innocent beginning, 
When the gift within you slips clear
Of the sticky web of the personal… 
A morning when you become a pure vessel
For what wants to ascend from silence… 
John O’Donahue
(from p 17 “To Bless the Space Between Us”) 

If you are interested in more information about the album read on!

This album is a beautiful collection of Clair's original music, with some English, some Sanskrit lyrics. It includes 2 Leonard Cohen (one of Clair's favorite artists) cover songs as well as a beautiful Rumi poem, set to a lovely melody inspired by beloved kirtan artist, Sean Johnson's Unity. There are a few other surprises as well! Clair is joined by an array of fine musicians and singers: Elijah Tucker, EJ Simpson, Jay Popky, Susan Graves, Michelle Armour, Angela Armour, Akie Bermiss, Greg Glassman, Bob Cozzolino, David Matthew Brown, Ian Boccio, Brenda McMorrow, Benjy Wertheimer, John DeKadt, Emy Berti and more
(see song credits). 

"Chanting for me, is a musical shout out to the fact that we are all LOVE, made of LOVE, that LOVE is the answer, whatever the question. If we as humans, could experience the reality of this, how might we change the world we live in... I love to chant as a way to access and celebrate that.   This whole album is a shout out and an expression of that LOVE" - Clair

Official release date: February 14, 2016 

Recorded at Generous Music Studios, Brooklyn, NY & Vassar Farm Studios, Swarthmore, PA.

Produced by Clair Oaks and Elijah Tucker.

Engineered by Elijah Tucker.

Mixed by Ben Leinbach Music. 
Mastered by Stevin McNamara. 
Cover Art by Clair Oaks. Cover Design by Ariel Nelson and Clair Oaks. 

With deep gratitude and appreciation for the following souls who made this record possible:  

Hand to heart gratitude to my guides and teachers, with special acknowledgement to Adyashanti. 

Giant thank yous to Elijah Tucker, my first born, my engineer, lead musician and my crazy, wonderful, cohort on this project. To Caleb Oaks, my sweet second born -You both bring me joy beyond measure. 

To my dear friends and talented band members,  Susan Graves, Bob Cozzolino, EJ Simpson, Jay Popky, Michelle and Angela Armour. 
To all the other beyond talented musicians on the album (listed in the song credits on the album). 

To all the generous donors (193 of you!) who helped make this record, and those who offered their time and talents to create perks, performances for the campaign video, Susan Graves, Miranda Graves, Erica Taxin Bleznak, JoAnn Morrell, Lorri Primavera and more—you know who you are! 

With a special shout-out to my parents, Bettie and Tom Deen, my sisters and personal cheerleaders, Becky Tai and Robin Carnes. 

To Brenda McMorrow and David Newman for your support and friendship, for my inclusion in your bands, and for your kind guidance regarding the campaign. 

To Ariel Nelson for her mad design skills and her kind heart.   

To Suchitra Davenport, Jan Detrich, Jeanne Feeney, Martha Perkins, JoAnn Morrell, Erica Taxin Bleznak and Julie Pogachefsky, for friendships that have helped me grow as an artist and a human being.   

To Flora Bowley my painting mentor, who opened up a whole new world. 

To the wonderful fans of my art and music—thank you for letting me into your hearts and souls. 

With special thanks to Bettie Deen, Sam and Rose Deen, Susanne Koltai, Peter Sladowski, Marcia Wagner, Mindie Hung, Nancy Nowak, Marketa Irglova, Chinmayi Celina Sochaczewska and the Svaroopa Yoga Community. 

To Jodie Brown from The School in Rose Valley for help with the kids choir on “Now.” To the Bhakti Community, for supporting my music - thank you for listening!   

And last--but most, to Rob Oaks, my darling husband and greatest fan.

Remember, whatever the question...

Thank you, 

xo, Clair