Some thoughts on Complexity and the Mind

The world is a complex place, have you noticed?  Nothing new in that, but this election season, the social climate in our world today,  and this article I just read by some scientists working on GMOs, have me pondering.  There are so many sides, so many angles, and so many perspectives to look at our own AND the worlds'  issues. It's easy to take a side and run with it without really being well and accurately informed and staying well and accurately informed as new information becomes available. It can feel very overwhelming to me, hence the temptation to just take a position and then back it up with all kinds of info that is floating around the internet, not always checking its validity. The GMO issue, like so many things we judge, judge each other and our political leaders for, can be far more complex than Facebook posts and comments might have us believe...which is, I know,  an inconvenient Truth. 


The article I read is just an didn't change my mind about GMOs but it gave me a fuller perspective. There are people trying to reduce suffering and help nourish those in need... and then there are people trying to fill their pockets and become richer...I knew that, but the article went into detail about the complexities on the science that I don't, I confess,  always take the time to read.  Sometimes there just aren't clearcut easy answers...the mind would prefer that there are, that's why it latches on to a "position" so fervently.  It likes to feel certain, in this way, it grasps for a sense (albeit a false one) of safety.

Knowing this about the nature of the mind, can I challenge myself to stay even more open, to live in the questions, the "not knowing"?  Can I endeavor to keep my heart and mind even more open to my own suffering and ignorance and the same in others?   Can I  be even more aware when the mind is doing its' self-righteous clamp-down?  Can I keep loving instead? Not in some forced way, but rather by staying connected to a deeper place within? Beyond the static of opinion and reason?  Can I keep listening... even more?

xo, Clair