Update on Fundraising Campaign

Dear Ones, 

Our dear Earth's daylight diminishes a bit more each day, as we head towards the Winter Solstice in December.  While we navigate our path with less light, can we allow the darkness to encourage us to focus inside more?  A time to consider, to take stock and ask ourselves if we are fully living the life we wish to live?

This has been quite a busy season for me, still, I have been pondering these questions.  I hope you are doing the same, and I hope that if you find you are not, that you muster the courage and wisdom to adjust your course so that you are truly answering your souls calling,  whatever form that takes. 

As we approach the last week of our campaign, I am taking stock and considering if there is more I can do to participate fully in my life.  Can I be more present day to day with my loved ones and with anyone who I come in contact with daily, can I be more present with myself?  Can I stay present amidst all the activity of the campaign and live the knowing that,  all is as it is,  and see the perfection in that? 

I am told that the middle of these campaigns do often slow down and then surge in the final week of the campaign.  I am trusting  that this one will follow a similar path (campaign ends November 17)!  With your help - I know it will. 


We still have some wonderful thank you gifts for donors and I hope you'll encourage friends and family to possibly join you and  take a (or another) look and maybe even do some holiday shopping on our perks page.

Blessings on your week and thank you again for your donations, for sharing the campaign and for your support.  You. Guys. Rock. 


xo, Clair