All proceeds from sales of Clair's music will go to Folks Arts Rajasthan, an organization committed to eradicating illiteracy, fostering community development and celebrating cultural understanding through education and music preservation. We envision a tomorrow where the Merasi can live in peace and celebrate their heritage with dignity.

A joyous sequel to Kirtan Equation. Full band, many wonderful musicians contributed to these exuberant tracks. Also includes a quieter, lovely (if we do say so) Asato Ma Sad Gamayaa track appropriate for quiet yoga class.

What Listeners Are Saying:

"Listening to Lila now...exquisite as usual...your music is a gift to me." - M. Murta

"Lila is getting air play - I love it! Great chants, great instrumentation!" - Gary Goldberg, Host of "In the Spirit" WRPI radio NY

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