by Clair Oaks

Currently there are no events scheduled.

All proceeds from sales of Clair's music will either go to Folks Arts Rajasthan, an organization committed to eradicating illiteracy, fostering community development and celebrating cultural understanding through education and music preservation. We envision a tomorrow where the Merasi can live in peace and celebrate their heritage with dignity, or other people/organizations doing anti-racism work.

Clair's music is available on iTunes/Bandcamp/spotify and Pandora and many other digital outlets as well as at CDbaby. Please click here for your free download of our version of Alexi Murdoch's song, Something Beautiful. Our gift to you, recorded, arranged and performed by Clair and Elijah during the making of Clair Oaks 7. We even made a special mix for yoga teachers, without the train.

Note: Something Beautiful is not on any of Clair's albums, it is only available as a free download.