In the spring of 2016, due to some personal experiences in my family, I began to look more deeply into racism in the US and into my own subconscious racism.  This exploration has been deep,  painful,  enlightening and is ongoing.  Due to the education I have exposed myself to these last 2 years,  (in the form of copious reading of articles, books, lectures, podcasts, and classes), I am no longer comfortable, as a  white person, (aka,  a beneficiary of  White Privilege),  offering the beautiful sacred practice of Sanskrit chanting or Kirtan, and selling my music for personal profit.  I have come to understand that doing so is a form of  White Supremacy known as Cultural Appropriation.   I am committed to understanding and helping to dismantle White Supremacy in all of its forms to the best of my ability.  And I am committed to learning and  recognizing when I need to do better.  

 I am deeply sorry for any harm that I  caused by not realizing what I was doing when, in the past,  I offered my music in this way.   If you are not sure what I am talking about, or if you think you understand but feel defensive about what I have said here, or if you are a white person who feels they are NOT racist,  I humbly suggest you start consulting uncle Google on the subject of White Fragility and other forms of unconscious White Supremacy tactics (often unconsciously) used by decent white people that unknowingly uphold White Supremacy, which you (if you are white) benefit from daily.  You can also start here with an informative article by Layla Saad called: I Need to Talk to Spiritual White Women About White Supremacy Part 1 and Part 2.

For now, my music only CDs  are unavailable (my breathing practice CD,  Relaxation Suite still is - see below). My music is still available digitally for the moment, but that may change as I wade through all of this. 100% of proceeds from any of my music, will go to support organizations and people who are doing anti-racism work and Folk Arts Rajasthan, an organization in the Rajasthan region of India committed to eradicating illiteracy, fostering community development and celebrating cultural understanding through education and music preservation. 

Thanks for considering.


               Relaxation Suite

            Relaxation Suite


This CD includes a beginning and ending guided awareness followed by a 20 minute breathing practice - with full instructions,  and a half hour of soothing instrumental music composed and recorded by Clair to do your own physical practice.