Some of Clair's favorite things.  Check out these amazing beings who are doing stellar work in the world with great skill,  great talent, great passion and  heart.

Layla Saad  Writer • Speaker • Poet  - Leading conversations at the intersections of spirituality, race, feminism + leadership, Creator of the “Me and White Supremacy Workbook” - helping people explore their own internalized racism which, by the way, is inevitable if you were raised in the United States.

Rachel Cargle Activist : Writer: Lecturer…find her on Instagram at @rachel.cargle

Scene on Radio's Seeing White series   So you think you aren't a racist?  Check this out - we all have a lot to learn if we are going to be part of the solution to racism rather than part of the problem.  Educate yourself - even if you think you don't need to.  PLEASE LISTEN!

Everyday Feminism Great educational resource for so many things - check it out!  Tenacious explorer, liver of LIFE to the MAX,  activist artist, talented singer-songerwriter and musician, my first born.  My darling sister, experienced and inspirational guide, offeringwomen's yoga and creativity retreats and oh so much more. Same darling sister, teaching yoga teachers how to teach yoga in military settings - what???  - amazing. My other darling sister, a wonderful artist,  gifted teacher who works with special needs students and clients using art, drama and all manner of magic.  Adelaide Tai:  My amazing oldest niece,  talented singer, painter, poet, seeker of Truth.  Taylor Tai:  My amazing middle niece, talented artist, scientist, singer who studies bees!!! One whose strong voice, one day,  supported transformation in our family. Eden Tai:  My amazing youngest niece, talented, natural photographer, artist, singer, who has helped open my eyes to racism and white privilege in myself and in the world.  Adya: My teacher,  clear, insightful, potent teaching with a deeply compassionate style.  Martha Perkins: Dear friend, amazing visual artist, pet portraits and beyond, jeweler, talented graphic artist (see my logo). Susan Graves (owner)  and Michelle Armour, dear hearted friends, song bird soul sisters to me,  massage therapists extraordinaire. A studio filled to the brim with the areas brightest yoga teachers,  with the one and only Erica Taxin Bleznak at the helm.  Erica Bleznak: Dear friend, AMAZING f'ing yoga teacher, writer, inspirationalist, AND reflexologist. Dear friend, heart centered artist, skilled counselor - coach, but only if you WANT TO propel your growth into hyper-space :)  A dear soul who can make even the most camera shy person, relax and have fun on a photo shoot! Dear friend, wonderful mindfulness meditation classes for all ages, educator, flower essence practitioner, parenting coach extraordinaire.

Compassionate Activism Healing Toxic Whiteness,  an online course to help heal from the brainwashing of white supremacy in our culture. Creative being whose gentle guidance awakened in me, my love and passion for painting and making art! Thank you forever Flora!  Another creative being , artist, activist, teacher  -  "dedicated to the smashing of the white supremacist/cis/hetero/ableist/neurotypical/capitalist patriarchy" Friend and AMAZING JUICE maker - Erika Ianoale-Arters brews the best organic juice I have ever had.

Only the best here...More to come, check back...