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Clair doesn't push the current, she dives in and flows with it. The warmth and serenity in her music is irresistable. Get a pair of headphones and give yourself a long deserved healing in the lap of the Divine Mother.


If you are booking Clair for a kirtan/concert at your studio/venue you can:

  1. Create a flyer by using the pictures, event description and bio below and/or use info from the "About Clair" tab on this site. You can also use this word document template.
  2. Download the chant lyric sheets to have available for your participants
  3. Chants w/ translations

EVENT Description

Clair's kirtan offers her inspired, original music combined w/ ancient Sanskrit mantras, lush vocal harmonies and a mix of the meditative and rousing faces of kirtan. Clair creates an atmosphere that is comfortable and inviting while her experience of the inner experience from years of yoga/meditation practice, shines through in her manner and music. She has practiced yoga/meditation for over 30 years and enjoys sharing the experience with others.

A comment about Clair's music from Wah:... "Clair doesn't push the current, she dives in and flows with it. The warmth and serenity in her music is irresistible. Get a pair of headphones and give yourself a long deserved healing in the lap of the Divine Mother. The music brings tears to my eyes ...Clair is a true leader and goddess in this world" – Wah!

Artist's BIO

Clair Oaks, is a musician, advanced yoga instructor, founder of Soul Source Yoga, co-founder of SOUL SOURCE Center for Conscious Living, in Media Pennsylvania. She is the mother of 2 musicaly ltalented sons, and wife of her beloved husband, Rob.

Clair learned to meditate in 1976, at the age of 16, when she met one of her greatest teachers who was instrumental in deepening her awareness of and connection to the sacred inner divine – what yoga calls, the "Self". She lived in an ashram for several years, in her early 20's, during which time she developed a deep love and deep experience of meditation and spiritual practice. In 1995, Clair met Rama Berch - now known as Swami Nirmalanda, with whom she trained for many years as a Svaroopa® yoga instructor (Clair has retired from teaching).

Clair taught yoga asana (poses)classes since 1997, as a way to facilitate students finding the Self within. During her extensive yoga teacher training years, Clair developed a great love of chanting. Her first CD was released in early 2006.

Clair has had a passion for playing music and singing,
since she was a child. Since 2000, she has she enjoyed the
exquisite experience of performing her music with her band.

Since 2000, Clair has performed with a wonderful group of musicians,
creating musical meditation experiences for audiences in venues
up and down the east coast. Clair traveled for 2 years with
Wah! as a back up singer along with her son who was Wah's percussionist
during that time.

In the summer of 2009, after a series of synchronistic events, Clair was cast as the
chanting band leader in a scene with actress Julia Roberts, in the upcoming
movie adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's acclaimed book Eat Pray Love.

Clair has 5 music CD's and a instructional yogic breathing/relaxation cd. He CD's and downloads
are a celebration of some of Clair's best loved chants.

Hear her cd samples and enjoy her kirtan cd samples.


Clair w/ Guitar clair in bell tower Shakti's Sanctuary

Clair in Concert 3/27/10Clair in Concert 3/27/10Clair in Concert 3/27/10getting ready for concert 3/27/10