Being able to create beauty through music and art is a gift I am grateful for everyday  - Clair Oaks

 As a visual artist, Clair is inspired by color and contrast. Her work is imbued with both vibrancy and meditative calm. 

For the past year, Clair has been mesmerized by the symbol, The Flower/Seed of Life...She recently came across this quote though she doesn't know who to attribute it to..."They say the flower/seed of life is the blueprint of the universe and key to the eternal cosmos' workings through sacred geometry. Consecutive overlapping circles that each have a symbolic and mathematical universality in their design repeating over and over...into an infinite 6 sided flower. A pattern which exists in all things created...from cells to solar systems".  Maybe that's why it's so very captivating!  Click here to watch a video about the Flower/Seed of Life on Facebook.  You can see more of  Clair's Flower/Seed of Life paintings below in her gallery of sold work and also  in our shop.


Gallery of Clair's sold work is pictured below. These paintings vary in size from 6"x 6"-- 48"x 30 ". Contact us to commission a painting and visit our SHOP to see what work is  currently available.

Clair Oaks's Studio

Clair creates in her Swarthmore studio.  If you are interested in -  commissioning a painting, scheduling a studio tour or arranging to purchase art in person, please email Clair at