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Clair doesn't push the current, she dives in and flows with it. The warmth and serenity in her music is irresistable. Get a pair of headphones and give yourself a long deserved healing in the lap of the Divine Mother.



As a teenager, Clair discovered yoga and meditation which helped to reveal her passion for experiencing what yoga calls the Self – the true, divine, essential nature of all things manifest. Since that time, her impulse to help others experience this "authentic" Self has catalized her life's work.

Clair has been blessed with many opportunities to inspire this awakening for others through her work as a yoga instructor/therapist, meditation teacher , through her music, and most recently through her painting. She is a painter, musician, advanced yoga instructor, founder of Soul Source Yoga, co-founder of SOUL SOURCE Center for Conscious Living, in Pennsylvania. She is mother of two amazing musicians, (Elijah Tucker, Caleb Oaks), and wife of her beloved, Rob.

Clair has had a passion for playing music and singing, since she was a child. Since 2000, she has she enjoyed the exquisite experience of performing her music with a wonderful group of musicians, creating musical meditation experiences for audiences in venues up and down the east coast. Clair traveled for several years with Wah!, as a back up singer along with her son who was Wah's percussionist during that time.

In August 2009, after a series of synchronistic events, Clair was cast as the chant band leader in a scene with actress Julia Roberts, in the movie adaptation of Elizabeth Gilbert's acclaimed book EAT PRAY LOVE.

She has recorded multiple music CD's and an instructional yogic breathing/relaxation cd. Purchase CDs

Clair on her work:

 "  Our purpose in playing is to bring people to a state of joy - to an awareness of their own inherent joy - to inspire a recognition of the Oneness of all beings through music and chantings sacred sounds and vibrations. That "magical" experience, that quiets the incessant chatter of the mind and allows one to experience the vast and peacefully powerful, silence of the Self. This experience is very healing and restorative, and can be described as joyful tranquility.  

As we evolve as individual conscious beings, and as a group of musicians working together, I think our purpose evolves as well.

 I see the world through the non-dual view that we are all Consciousness Itself - we are THAT and therefore THAT is us. Each of us is complete and whole in our beings and we are meant to shine our light in this world.  This is a subtle point, but one that I'd like to be clear on because the words/lyrics of the chants we do,  could be mis-interpreted to mean that we are sending our musical prayers to something outside ourselves, something associated with a religion or belief system....  In fact, my intention is to help people experience that "IT" is all within each of us already, and that we are here to tap into that awareness, and to live from that awareness and therefore take responsibility to SHINE - to each do our part to raise the vibration of the planet - and to do so with loving recognition that when we,  for instance, create peace throught chanting, we do just that.  

At the end of a night of chanting - we have cultivated a palpable quality of peace within ourselves that can be purposefully and literally sent out as a vibration to uplift. Those souls you come in contact with after this practice,  are likely to be touched by your palpable peaceful being-ness and in that way, we change the world".